Teddy Bear  I create portraits of teddy bears. All are original teddy bears, but especially the teddy bear wearing a leather jackets which I named "PUNKUMA" and the pink one "PINKUMA". PUNKUMA is PUNK + KUMA = PUNKUMA (KUMA literally means “bear” in Japanese). My unique, original character “PUNKUMA” is a teddy bear motif creation based on punk rock, one of the greatest counterculture. PUNKUMA talks with people in a serious manner to change the world. It confronts with the world, and it is an excellent motif that sometimes carries out my easy, concern-free thoughts as one expression. PINK + KUMA = PINKUMA (KUMA literally means “bear” in Japanese). “PINKKUMA” has an even tougher image than “PUNKKUMA”. It is the combination of contradictory elements of “hardcore x soft power” that the pink knit teddy bear is wearing a stud jean. The series is not just lovely but tough, which is a reflection of her ideal image.