Mayu Shiomi is living and creating in Tokyo, Japan.

She studied oil painting at a vocational school in Tokyo then sculptures. In 2011, she received her BFA (sculpture) from Tokyo Zokei University and later in 2016, her MFA (sculpture) from the Graduate School of Aichi University of the Arts. She has participated in many exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan, the United States, and the UK., and is based in Tokyo. Her works have received a many awards, including the Grand Prix at the  Brillia Art Award in 2018. Her works are in display in the Nasunogahara Museum's public collection and various private collections in Japan, Singapore, and the UK.




Off-the-shelf products, preconceptions, and the existence of humans surrounding them- these are the themes "common-myths", that I'm always hooked to, and that is common to all of my works. Human beings and things will someday cease to exist. I try to transform something as elusive and overwhelming as them existed into my work. I mainly focus on sculpture creation based on my curiosity about "things" and the neighboring space. My work develops from traditional sculptures of modeling techniques through the medium of drawing, painting and installation. Working on different media and experimenting with a wide variety of materials gives you the opportunity to question your impulses and to discover. I am always enjoy with that. I treat all superficially inconsistent themes equally- empty cans, animal dolls, Santa Claus, radio, punk rock, and animation...my philosophy is the line up all these side by side as the ultimate motif in my works. The discrepancies and gaps between the reality and the work play a major role in my works. My works can be divided into 3 subjects, "DOLL" and "nobody", based on the theme of “common myths”.